OPTIMA is a professional, volumetric, dosing machine designed for filling semi-dense liquids in general able to satisfy the most varied requirements in terms of container capacity, filling speed and precision of the filling level. 

Filling is performed by means of a magnetic trasmission geared volumetric pump in AISI 304 stainless steel, and an electronically controlled PLC able to control the filling speed, duration, memorisation of the various formats and the speciale "NEW" function.

All you need to do to set up the filling machine is select a speed, start the machine, stop it when the desidered level of filling is reached and memorise the resulting parameters. When filling is completed the machine is ready to function on automatic, ensuring a repeatability of filled volumes with a variation of less than ±3%.

The machine can be started either using the pedal provided or entirely automatically, to perform series of filling operations in a short time.

The multicolor touch screen displays all the information relative to the filling operation in a progress in real time, enabling rapid control of all the parameters as well as visualisation of any alarm signal.


The system come supplied with a large stainless steel bench, fitted with 4 castors, making it easy to position anywhere in the work premises.

The material and pipes used are suitable for contact with olive oil and liquid foodstuffs in general; and also permit sanitation of the machine to be performed using either liquid detergents or steam appliances.

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