BIB 20


The most accurate and simplest way of filling bag-in-box containers

The BIB 20 filling machine is an answer to the needs by a study of wine producer's quirements: SIMPLICITY, PRECISION, HYGIENE, SPACE-SAVING DIMENSION



The machine copmletes the filling cycle automatically: Vaccum; filling; stop; nitrogen injection. The operator selects the format and manoeuvres the pincer for extracting and inserting the stopper, following performance of the various phases on the display. The change format option is immediate: you need only type in the desired capacity.


The electronic panel permits the control and management of alla the filling phases, esuring the repeatability of the volumes filled with a maximum error of ±5cl.

From the display it's possible to control: the format selection; vacuum time solection; nitrogen time selection; management of correction parameters; counting of pieces; counting of litres.


Use of fullyclosing, drip resistant filling valve; complete emptying of the piping and possibility of washing the internal components with chemical detergent solutions; possibility of conducting serilisation at 80°C.


The machine includes within it all the components needed for its functioning: elecrtic pump, compressor, flow sensor. All it requires is an electrical connection to start working. n addition the use of the self-priming pump and frame with castors mean it can be installed in any wine producing environment.


use of a series of flow rev volumetric pumps with rubber rotor and by-pass; adjustment of filler head; possibility of using various types of stoppers; inclined steel counter; multilingual display; support counter for cardboard boxes adjustable in height, adjustable adaptor for insertion of the bags inside the boxes.




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