FLUIDA is a filling machine designed for dosing olive oil and semi-dense liquids, and is a simple and practical solution for complying with the new regulations on the sale and consuption of olive oil.

Filling is performed by means of a self-priming volumetric pump with rubber rotor, a certifiable weighing scales, and a programming PLC fitted with an electronic speed interter.

The special electronic system fitted in the machine permits automatic filling of any type of recipient with a capacity of 150ml - 30kg.

The machine has a standard capacity for memorising 12 different recipient formats, and a SLOW function for optimising automatic filling.

The various models available vary as regards the ability to change the speed of use of the pump: lower speed permit more accurate filling of smaller containers and the use of drip proof fille beaks.

The system comes supplied with:

- a large stainless steel bench with 4 castors;

- thw drip-proof filler beaks;

- filler head adjustment wheel;

- programming PLC.

The size of the work bench can be customised on request.

The material and pipes used are suitable for contact with olive oil and liquid foodstuffs in general.


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