BIB 12


Filler semiautomatic BB12 is an optimal solution for small businesses with lower production volumes to the 5000 bag in box per year.

This machine is equipped with an electromagnetic flow sensor; with an electronic panel to program the quantity to be filled (at least 1 liter) and
to do the calibration; and an electric pump with rubber impeller EURO 20.

The operator must select the amount to be filled and the machine performs a complete cycle: opening the solenoid valve / pump start / stop the pump / closing of the valve. The machine is standard supplied for a manual injection of nitrogen inside the bag.

The inox support of the bags is adjustable in height, and can be removed for filling rigid cans (for example PET, aluminum, glass) with rectangular shape, or circle type (maximum diameter 85mm). The removal of the cap and the closure of the same, takes place with the tool in stainless steel supplied as standard.

Possible uses: WINE, OIL, FRUIT JUICE

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