BIB 30


The filler BB 30 is designed to meet requirements for speed and simplicity in the filling of flexible bags.



The filling cycle is done completely automatically: the machine does all the work of opening, closing, vacuum, nitrogen injection, filling. The user only has to place the bag and check the performance of various operations. The touch screen control panel allows to manage in few second, the machine in the filling, and in the operations of washing and sanitizing (there are automatic programs).


The control panel allows to manage all phases of filling, adapting the machine to any type of treated liquid (wine, juice, oil, water, cream, etc. ..). The auto-tuning function allows the calibration of the machine automatically, eliminating the need to perform numerous samples. Repeatability volumes with an error of ± 5cl



all the automatic operations are set by the user based on his needs: vacuum time, nitrogen injection, filling speed, speed of opening and closing the bag. The standard filler is equipped with electronic speed variator 1.5 kw.



The machine is supplied with stainless steel housing filter 10” with polypropylene cartridge 0.6 μm: safety purpose of sterilization and disposal of any solid residue inside the bags. In addition the machine is equipped with: kits for steam sanitizing at 120° C; no-drip filling head, stainless steel fitting for washing circuit.


Possibility to verify the operation of the individual components remotely, ensuring fast repair; use of pneumatic and electronic components of primary quality, always available in our


large desk is designed to allow the simultaneous presence of two operators, and to facilitate the packaging of hot liquids, use of volumetric pumps at low rpm with rubber impeller, stainless steel adapter for quick entry of the bags; 7 “display; Oiless filter for air circuit; support plan for cardboard boxes variable height; multilingual programming (English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Croatian); stainless steel frame for panel control

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